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hackswiftly is a week long high-school hackathon, in which participants will be given the opportunity to brainstorm, design, create, and pitch any project they wish in an effort to win prizes and sponsor gifts. thanks to our wonderful sponsors the event is 100% free with the best prizes for our participants. our vision for this hackathon contains innovative solutions (through technology) to problems we face in our community currently. by keeping this virtual, we hope to provide more opportunities for learning and meeting those with similar interests in these grave times.

the winners of our april event! click on the github image to view their project's github!


Analytically by Veer Doshi and Rayan Garg

Analytically is well-designed application intended to ease the difficulties that healthcare worker's face through a technological solution. It implements various technologies in an iOS environment to help the user navigate through their different frameworks and UIViews.


Protect by Aryan Vichare and Soham Manoli

Protect is an iOS application that aims to use technology to spread information and help for the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Through well implemented technologies such as Firebase and Amazon SageMaker, the app works to its best ability in aiding victims and can treat for pneumonia just by using the camera of your iPhone.


Face Touch Detector by Yash Gupta and Aryan Shelke

Face Touch Detector is a unique idea, which prevents users from subconciously touching their face when they are working/using their computer. Through machine learning technologies, the app can detect when a hand comes into your computer's camera view and alert the user to caution.

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